Local Water-based Activities

Whitewater Rafting – Lower Rangitata

This Grade 2 river trip is the most popular section that caters to all ages. We begin the trip at the end of the Rangitata Gorge and bounce down the numerous Grade Two rapids in the 12km section. We can combine the rafting trip with river safety, Jump Rock or the Unit Standard 485 which involves raft flipping and rescues, if groups wish to add an extra element to the day.
For older students wishing to develop more leadership/teamwork skills we can offer group guided rafting. Where after some training, the Instructor leaves them to manage their own raft down through the rapids and follows alongside in a kayak.
“A really good activity for the development of teamwork”.

“We all enjoyed the challenges in the raft, like the swimming down the rapids and standing up in the raft… Thanks again for pushing our comforts over the limit and providing us with the amazing adventure.”

River safe

This action packed activity focuses on educating the students on what they can do to stay safe on rivers. It can be either done as a half day activity on foot at the Orari river or as a full day activity combined with a raft trip on the Rangitata.
“We learned valuable skills such as how to cross a river safely and how to rescue someone who has gone overboard. We all now can confidently recognise hazards in the river and efficiently avoid them” Craighead Girls

River rescue includes the following:

  • Identifying river features
    and hazards
  • River swimming – white water float position, shallow water dive and active swimming
  • Throw bagging
  • River crossing techniques

Jump Rock

We negotiate our way upriver into the Rangitata Gorge either using rafts or tramping up the side to give group members the chance to jump from three heights, including the 8 metre “Jump Rock” into the river.
“The students were able to challenge themselves in a number of ways without feeling threatened due to our ‘challenge by choice’ philosophy. All abilities were well catered for with heaps of support and encouragement”.

Sit On Top Torrent or Inflatable Kayaks

Sit-on-top Torrent and two person inflatable kayaks are stable and safe and provide the opportunity for students to experience a river trip, surfing waves and running rapids after only a few hours of instruction. This activity is for students aged 11 years or older.  We offer this either at the Grade 1 upper Rangitata section at Mesopotamia or the Grade 2 sections of the Rangitata.

White water kayaking – Sit Ins

We offer white water kayak training that can be structured to suit each group’s needs. Sit in kayaking is for ages 13 years and older and involves them completing a progression from flat water to moving water to river trips. Rolling instruction is also available. We usually use the Grade 2 sections of the Rangitata or Orari Rivers, but can also offer longer programmes in the Hurunui or Hawea regions.

“Well pitched at total beginners on water and also at those who had a bit of experience. Instructors made it FUN and formed a good instructor-client relationship

Orari Adventure Day

This full day programme includes a series of abseils (at varying difficulties) down into the Orari or 

Andrews Stream gorge, a river gorge walk and waterfall jump or kayak. We can also include river rescue into the day if time permits. A great location which is high impact fun and can cater to challenging all students.