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Schools and Groups

Working by the motto “Challenge by Choice,” we aim to create a fun and safe environment where people can step out of their comfort zone, push themselves and learn about working with others through effective teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Programmes Designed for You

Whether it’s just a single day of high ropes for your scouts group or a 5-day camp for all of your year 11 students, we’ve got you covered. Every program we do is completely customisable based on your desired learning outcomes, timeframes, preferred activities and budget. 

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Unit Standards

We are fortunate to not only be able to offer life-changing experiences, but also tick some boxes along the way! If your organisation is accredited to offer unit standards, we can provide the practical training, instructional expertise, and safety system for you by helping to build a programme that meets requirements and assesses students to the level required. It is your organisation’s responsibility to do the administrative reporting and workbooks with the students to ensure they meet the unit. These units could be based during just one day or over multiple sessions. Common units we currently offer are rafting, kayaking, low/high ropes, rock climbing/abseiling, safety management and teamwork units.

Build Your Programme

You’ve got lots of choices when it comes to booking! We know it can be a bit overwhelming trying to come up with a plan from scratch, especially for multi-day camps, so check out a few templates for programmes that have run well in the past, and make sure to read all about our activities for a more in-depth description of each.

1/2-Day Activity

We understand time and budget constraints mean that sometimes all the fun has to be jam-packed. Our most bite-sized option is a great introduction to a new world of adventure with activities such as high ropes, bush survival, tramping, activity-based learning and orienteering available for half-day booking!

Get straight into the action by choosing from any of the activities we offer for a whole day of adventure. Choose from activities such as rafting, kayaking, high and low-ropes, raft building, rock climbing and abseiling or tramping to get the group fully immersed in one activity or ask about combining two half-day activities instead for a bit of variety!

This style camp is great for medium-sized groups (20-40 students) where time is a constraint. We have several different basic accommodation options available that can sleep 37 students and 4 adults. For larger groups, we can split two 3-day camps over 1 week.

These camps get kids out of their comfort zone and straight into a whole new environment, allowing for team building and skill development along the way. Plus- it’s enough time to tick off a few of our most popular activities like rafting, high ropes and abseiling!

These camps are great for very large groups (50+) where inside accommodation is preferred, and teachers/staff are cooking for the whole group. Activities are appropriate for Year 7 students and older. This is a good choice for intermediate school camps or groups with a lot of students. We have lots of activities close to Raincliff to choose from such as our very popular river safety sessions, abseiling, bush survival, tramping and many more further afield!

Please note: We don’t run the accommodation at Rancliff Youth Camp. We recommend you refrain from booking accommodation until you confirm the dates and your desired activities with us.

This style camp is great for smaller groups (10-35 students) or larger groups where students cook for themselves and don’t mind staying in tents (up to ~60). These extra days allow for us to really develop student’s individual skills and group dynamics throughout the week. The goal is to have developed a high-performing team by the end of the week.

We have several different basic accommodation options to choose from located amongst regenerating native Peel Forest bush to suit the needs of the group, as well as lots of local activities to choose from such as high ropes, rafting, bush walks, abseiling and more!

These camps are great for a small group (10-12) of older participants (Year 10+) who are after an experience that will change the way they think about their connection to the natural world and their place in it.

These full-immersion camps give students time to build lasting connections and trust within their group as well as the opportunity to meet each new challenge with some prior skills learned over the course of the week. We usually start these journeys with a few days based out of our Eco Lodge running local activities and then head out on an overnight tramping, climbing or rafting expedition in locations such as Mt Somers or Arthur’s Pass.

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General Gear List

Come prepared to spend the whole day outside in the elements! We’ll supply a full gear list based on the activities you choose, but here’s what you might want to know before you book.

You Bring

  • Food including lunch and snacks for all day programmes
  • Drink bottle with enough water for the day
  • Appropriate activewear for the day. No cotton!
  • Sunscreen/sunglasses/cap
  • Spare warm layers
  • Any personal medication

We Supply

  • All activity specific/technical gear required!
  • Any additional extra warm gear

Other activities

We aim to provide opportunities for all to experience, learn and grow. Our safe, affordable, and quality outdoor and environmental programmes are designed to educate, challenge and inspire.