Peel Forest Outdoor Centre believes that we can reduce the impact that we have on our planet by making responsible choices in our lifestyle. We promote a variety of ecologically friendly accommodation options, which aim to use a variety of benign technologies to lessen the effect that we have on Earth.

These technologies include using recycled and locally sourced buildings and materials, using sycamore (a local pest plant) to provide air and water heating via a wetback in the Eco Lodge, using composting toilets in our Eco-cabins, processing our grey water through a reed bed, and harnessing the suns solar power to generate electricity and hot water. We invite you to join us in experiencing the benefits that our choices can have on our planet.

To make a booking at our accommodation, click on the links below.

Eco Lodge

Huatakerekere and Tarahoa Cabins                                           Strawbale Cabin

Other accommodation options in the Peel Forest area include:

DOC campground and Clarke Flat

Raincliff Youth Camp – Many of our schools also base themselves at Raincliff – especially larger groups or primary/intermediate age children as we can run low level activities from there.

There are also multiple options in the Geraldine area

Other facilities in the area:

Peel Forest Hall – this is a great facility with a commercial kitchen and large stage/communal dining space. It is often used for functions, weddings, running adventure-based learning on wet weather days!