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Silver Adventurous Journey

Our silver programme structure meets all Duke of Edinburgh requirements for practice and qualifier journeys in one week.


$840 inc gst 

6 days including 

Training, Practice and Qualifier


Start and finish at the Peel Forest Outdoors Centre base located 20 minutes outside of Geraldine.


Arrive: 9 am on day 1

Finish: 3pm on the final day

Age requirements:

15+ or when you complete Bronze level

Programme Overview:

The full 6 days will cover the training, practice and qualifying requirements for the Silver level

  • All necessary training
  • 1 day and 1 night of practice journey
  • 1 resupply/planning day
  • 3 days and 2 nights of qualifying journey
You may choose to sign up for just the training/practice or just the qualifier when you book your spot.


We provide accommodation tenting outside our Cabins as a base for the days we will be training/planning in Peel Forest. See the schedule for more details on where you’ll be staying when.

The Cabins are part of Peel Forest Outdoor Centre’s commitment to increase environmental awareness and our desire to protect the natural environment for generations to come. The Cabins have been constructed so that it is as sustainable as possible and off grid to minimise the impact it has on the natural environment and its resources. Think of a nice DOC Hut with a warm shower.
More information about our accommodation can be found here.

For the Cabins please bring your own towels and toiletries. We provide hand towels, bathmats, tea towels and cloths for cleaning.


You are responsible for all purchasing, preparing, and cooking of your own food for the entirety of your time with us. For combined Practice and Qualifying journeys, we will make a trip to Geraldine to allow you to resupply mid-week. You should arrive with enough food to last you until then.

Duke of Edinburgh Requirements

We need a minimum of 4 participants to meet Duke of Edinburgh Requirements and will cap the number of participants attending based on instructor availability. Large groups of students will be split amongst multiple instructors.

We have outlined all other relevant requirements in our course information. If you want more information visit the Duke of Edinburgh website.

Look at some of our participants in action!

Course Schedule

Ready to book!

Gear List

We will be spending lots of time outside exposed to all elements. Come prepared for the weather and the season knowing that we may be adventuring into unsheltered terrain and cold temperatures at night. All students will have their gear checked on planning day.

Any gear highlighted can be provided to you when you arrive if you do not have your own.


  • Waterproof jacket and over trousers
  • 2x thermal tops
  • 2x thermal bottoms
  • Shorts
    Quick drying t-shirt (no cotton)
  • 2x fleece jersey
  • Fleece or woollen socks
  • Warm woollen/fleece beanie and gloves
  • Sturdy tramping boots (winter compulsory) or trainers
  • 3-4 season sleeping bag + lightweight or inflatable pillow
  • Foam mat or inflatable sleeping mat
  • 65L tramping pack
  • Pack liner (big rubbish bags work well)
  • Lightweight tramping tent
  • Lightweight tramping cooker/stove, fuel
  • Lightweight bowl/plate and utensils
  • Lighter/matches
  • All your own food
  • An emergency meal
  • Personal first aid kit, toiletries, medication
  • Headtorch and spare batteries
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunhat
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle (minimum 3L capacity total)
  • Compass, whistle, notebook, pen/pencil
  • $ for food resupply and lunch in Geraldine on transition day

Gear that will be supplied:

  • Any technical alpine equipment including snowshoes, crampons, etc. for winter trips
  • Emergency first aid and comms

Optional Gear:

  • Camera
  • Tramping poles
  • Puffer jacket
  • Gaiters (winter compulsory)
  • Extra comfy cabin clothes and shoes
  • Reusable container to store lunches

Duke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey FAQs

No. The online training is just an additional way to prepare and is not compulsory. We will complete all necessary training in-person before/during your practice journey.

Our recommended online training provider is Peak Performance Solutions. It is an external provider, so any issues with using the online training platform must be directed toward Peak Performance.

It’s up to you! However, we have some suggestions if you are really stuck.

Breakfast (whilst at Cabins):

  • Porridge
  • Fruit + muesli
  • Scrambled eggs + spinach
  • Shake-up bottle pancakes

Dinners (whilst at Cabins):

  • Pasta with red sauce and mince/veges
  • Couscous/gnocchi with pesto and chicken/veges
  • Curry + rice/naan with meat/veges

Breakfast (whilst on journey):

  • Porridge + fruit
  • Oats and peanut butter

Dinner (whilst on journey):

  • Soup packets + roll
  • Backcountry/Radex/or any other brand of dehydrated meals
  • Burrito with beans, cheese and taco seasoning


  • Sandwiches, wraps or pita pockets with your favourite fillings


  • Cheese/salami and crackers
  • Fruit
  • Muesli bars
  • Bliss balls
  • Pretzels/popcorn
  • Nuts

Emergency meals (you should have at least one handy at all times):

  • Ramen noodles
  • Miso soup and dehydrated veggies
  • Spare dehydrated meal
If you are attending with others you know, you may coordinate meals together if you wish. If you don’t know the other participants and you would like to coordinate meals with them, just ask us and we can get you in touch with other participants who are interested. Otherwise, it’s up to you to cater all meals and snacks for yourself.
  • Make sure you have lots of good nutrients in each meal to keep up your energy for the week
  • Pack just a little more than you would usually eat and make sure to bring an extra meal just in case – it’s hungry work tramping!
  • Don’t plan to eat dehydrated meals for the whole week. You’ll get sick of it and there is no need to pack lightweight/expensive meals for nights at the Cabins.
  • Pack food you know you already like to eat and experiment with cooking it yourself before you arrive, so you know how it will taste and how much effort it requires

If the piece of equipment you’re unsure about is highlighted in grey on the gear list, we can provide it when you arrive if your gear is unsuitable.
If it is a compulsory item that is not highlighted, reach out to us and we might be able to help you decide if you need to buy a different piece of equipment before your journey. See more details about tramping boots specifically below.

Nope! We’ll help get you the right gear when you arrive.

If it is not a winter trip and you do not already own tramping boots, then no. Just bring a sturdy pair of worn-in trainers. This is not the time to break-in new boots as they are likely to cause foot pain and blisters. However, you might want to consider buying a pair of tramping boots and wearing them in before your next journey or especially a winter trip.

If this is a winter tramping trip, then you should own a pair and they should already be worn in before the start of the trip.

If you are bringing tents with you amongst a group, it is up to you to decide your preferred sleeping arrangement. However, we will separate tents by gender.

The tents that we can supply are 2-person, so you will likely be sharing a tent with someone regardless.

Other activities

We aim to provide opportunities for all to experience, learn and grow. Our safe, affordable, and quality outdoor and environmental programmes are designed to educate, challenge and inspire.