Hillary 5-Day Programmes

Hillary 5 day Adventure

The award winning personal development programme focuses on improving personal, social and environmental skills which can be transferred back to students’ lives and their community.
Students build resilience, develop responsibility and increase self-esteem and confidence. The week offers a variety of different team building activities, including authentic adventures, a chance to give back to the environment and an overnight wilderness experience.

Hillary 5 day Leadership

This programme is geared towards senior pupils who wish to gain more leadership skills and experience. Students learn about different leadership styles and the principles of good leadership. Each student is given an opportunity to develop their leadership skills, gaining feedback from their peers, while being supported and coached by their instructor. Activities will be adventurous, challenging and include overnight camp(s). Students are encouraged to set goals and transfer their learning to their leadership positions at school and everyday life.


Below is an example of what a 5 day programme might include. There are many factors that determine the final programme and activities including weather, instructor availability, group capability and dynamics etc.

 Local day: Activities could include ice breakers and warm up exercises, adventure-based learning (ABL) games including communication, trust, initiative and problem-solving exercises, basic navigation, bush survival, environmental or tramping skills, low ropes and possibly, high ropes.

Water days: Activities could include white water rafting, Jump Rock, sit on top or inflatable kayaking on the Grade 1-2 sections of the Rangitata River, kayaking on the local lakes, river safety skills, or a waterfall seal launch into the Orari River.

Activity days: Activities could include tramping, rock climbing or abseiling, low or high ropes and steep creeking. We also have the potential to offer alpine days on demand (winter only).

Overnight expeditions: Are usually for two days with a single night at camp and can be based in the bush or at a river, depending upon the weather and the ability of the group.