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RDR Personal Development Journey

Rangitata Diversion Race 2023 | Peel Forest Outdoor Centre

Sponsored by the Rangitata Diversion Race, this programme provides transferrable personal, social and environmental skills applicable to student’s outside world and community.

Schools and Groups

By working by the motto “Challenge by Choice,” we aim to create a fun and safe environment where people can step out of their comfort zone, push themselves and learn about working with others through effective teamwork, communication, and leadership.

Eddy Out Programme

Eddying out refers to pulling into calm water for a breather. Join this 8-day adventure for a breath of fresh air. Meets DOE Residential requirements.

Grade 2 Kayak Certificate Course

The Coast to Coast is no small task! Our team knows this, we will drill the skills needed to keep you upright and racing fast and efficiently.

School Holiday Programmes

Peel Forest Outdoor Centre activities offerings for kids during the school holidays. Choose from a variety of activities or sign up for a whole week! Sign up for 5 days straight of adventure-based holiday programming or pick the activities and days you like!

River Safety and Rescue Training

We believe everyone should be equipped with basic river safety skills. Learn, upskill or get qualified to teach river safety and rescue. River rescue and safety training offered at different levels to suit students, workplaces, instructors.

Advanced Long Boat Training

Got your Grade Two Certificate? Now let’s go faster with distance-based training in your long boat to refine technique and seek out the quickest lines.