Our supporters have helped us to upgrade and replace many essential items of equipment..

Our supporters have helped us to upgrade and replace many essential items of equipment. These include:

Many thanks to the Positive Futures Trust, who have helped to fund solar hotwater heating at the Peel Forest EcoLodge. With summer fast approaching and hot Canterbury days now here, lodge users will have a ready supply of piping hot water

Rafts Donations towards the replacement of our raft fleet have been received from Pub Charity, Blogg Charitable Trust, Eureka TrustMainland FoundationNZ Lottery Grant BoardThe Caversham FoundationThe Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury,  Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd and B A Lewis Charitable Trust.

Kayaks The Community Trust of Mid & South Canterbury has donated money towards the replacement of our kayaks.

Tents and mountaineering equipment As our programme has expanded to include more winter activities, we have been fortunate to receive funding from Pub Charity for snow shoes, crampons, ice axes and snow shovels.  Tents have been purchased with donations from G S Jones Trust and Midland Masonic Charitable Trust.

Safety equipment With advances in technology, we have increased our student’s safety with the purchase of Emergency Locator Beacons (EPIRBs), GPS units, mapping software and avalanche transceivers using grants from the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust.  Additional funding for safety equipment has been provided by G S Jones Trust, Eureka Trust and Mary Urquhart Trust. 
We have been fortunate to be able to purchase outdoor clothing for youth at risk from Ridgeline of New Zealand at much reduced rates.
Skills Active Aotearoa have helped us out with a subsidised emergency care training programme to enable our staff to hold current and relevant first aid certificates to benefit our clients.

Vehicles Peel Forest OPC has been fortunate to gain sponsorship for vehicle replacement and maintenance from both the A D Hally Trust Fund and from North End Ford, Geraldine. The Southern Trust has also funded a covered trailer, allowing us to transport equipment throughout our operating area.

Facilities Many supporters have assisted us with the development of the EcoLodge and its surrounds. The Harpur Family have been very generous by donating the shell of a disused building which we have transported, and with the help of a very welcome grant from Mackenzie Charitable Trust and after much hard work by dedicated staff and volunteers, and many hours by various members of the Conservation Corps, we now proudly own the Peel Forest EcoLodge, enjoyed by many.   The Shade House have donated a shade sail at the EcoLodge with PGG Wrightson of Geraldine donating the support posts. United Way has donated the costs for interactive displays at the EcoLodge and Strawbale Cabin.

Transpower have generously donated money to upgrade the office building in the Peel Forest Village, along with Dan Cosgrove donating plumbing supplies for the collection of rainwater.

With PFOPC being the village Didymo Wash Station site, Thomas Hobson Trust have helped by providing money to purchase and set up a rainwater collection tank for this purpose.

We have also been fortunate to have the support of Community Post over the years providing post-paid envelopes to help with operational costs.

Biodiversity With PFOPC land adjoining the native forest, we have received help from NZ Lotteries Environment & Heritage and Department of Conservation for a Sycamore eradication programme.  Lynn River has donated gloves for the protection of workers to control blackberry.   We have also received money from E B Firth Charitable Trust for stoat traps for the control of pests.

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