Grade 2 Kayak Certificate

Be Prepared For the Coast to Coast


$999 inc gst

4 Days

The Coast to Coast is no small task.! Our team knows this, we will drill the skills needed to keep you upright and racing fast and efficiently. We believe you need to paddle those long boats, so we do the second 2 days in the boats you will race in!

Come enjoy our Eco lodge only 20mins from the Rangitata River.  Accommodation is provided along with all the gear needed, with the exception of your race boat which you will need for the second two days.

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Testimonials from Coast to Coast participants

“…we set off in the tandem kayak and did really well, we did have a couple of moments and managed to go down the rock gardens backwards but never fell out, unlike many others. I think the rescue team on the river side was pretty impressed we managed to stay upright!!! We told them it was all thanks to Julie Grant from Peel Forest Outdoor Centre. All in all the kayak leg was a huge success.” – Kirk Falconer

“I just wanted to say thanks for running a great course which everyone thoroughly enjoyed despite major trepidation from a few and to see the improvement over the two days was amazing, no small part due to your skill and shared knowledge with the group.” – Glenn Campbell