Grade 2 Course Overview and Equipment

First Weekend
Day 1

– Pool session in morning looking at water confidence progressions and self/boat rescues either at the Geraldine or Ashburton pool
– Flat water skills in the afternoon at Lake hood looking at strokes, edging, driving your boat, rescues on the lake

Day 2– Moving water session looking at eddies, features, rescues on the river above the Klondyke
– River trip on the Grade 2 section of the Rangitata

Second Weekend

Day 3
– refresher on moving water skills and rescues looking at paddling skills, eddy turns and rescues
– river trip re-looking at signals, river features, safety on the river, throw bagging and rescue practice

Day 4
– longer river trip completing the Grade 2 assessment


You will not need to bring along your own kayak for this course. The most important step is developing your white water ability and confidence for running river rapids under control. All skills learned in these boats are easily transferred to a multisport or sea kayak. Our local river the Rangitata also has many rocks so there is potential to do real damage to your more expensive racing boats. We will provide you with a kayak, paddle, spray skirt, buoyancy vest, helmet, wetsuit, booties and splash top. Feel free to bring along your own equipment if you would prefer.