Sustainable Living

“Awesome place. It’s cool to know some people still care about the environment.” — Tessa Lew, ChristchurchPeel Forest Outdoor Centre is dedicated to maintaining, enhancing and educating about reducing impacts on our natural environment. We run regular workshops on sustainable living. These include:Strawbale and earth building
Alternative energy sources
Ecologically sound water and waste
Stone masonry
Natural plasters and paints
Heritage building restorationSee how we have put sustainable living practices into effect and the positive impact it has had on the local environment. Tutors include Blue Forsyth and Sven and Sarah Johnson, all well known and regarded within the sustainable living community.School groups which stay at the EcoLodge are participating in sustainable living – students are exposed to technologies such as solar power and earth building, while also experiencing consequences such as running out of power if they leave the lights on!

Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is an international environmental movement focused on reaching out to our wider community and visitors to promote and inspire responsible travel and recreation.  It is  it is an educational programme emphasising personal decision making and skill development designed to encourage an ethic of minimum impact.We are Leave No Trace Master Educators and can provide Trainer and Awareness courses.

Trainer Courses

“Despite initial doubts around the course being a simple ‘turnover’ of the Environmental Care Code – I was really surprised and enthusiastic for the quality and quantity of your approach, the teaching resources – as well as the ethics, philosophy and thought that has gone into each Principle. “

Trainer Courses are a shortened version of the Masters Course. Participants receive introductory training in LNT skills and ethics in a condensed two-day format. During two day’s travel and overnight camp, participants teach a class and are involved in discussions to explore the 7 Leave No Trace principles.  People who have completed a Trainer Course will be able to lead Awareness Workshops and co-lead Trainer Courses with a Master Educator.

Awareness Courses

Leave No Trace also offers Awareness Courses which range from an hour-long introduction to a one-day course outlining LNT’s programme, principles and ethics. Participants who have completed an Awareness Workshop will have a insight into the skills and knowledge needed to practice good environmental care.

Pest Control

Peel Forest Outdoor Centre has an active plant and animal pest control programme.Groups are welcome to take part, which can be at many levels:

  • setting tracking tunnel to identify animal species
  • checking stoat and opossum traps
  • helping to clear pest plant species
  • re-vegetating to assist re-generation of native bush