givealittle donation to our Eco Lodge

In 2000, the Peel Forest Outdoors Pursuits Trust bought the 22 hectares of land at the EcoLodge site and set up a QEII Covenant to protect the significant native bush and the on-going regeneration of this. The EcoLodge building was donated in 2003, originally for the Conservation Corps programme that was running onsite. Since then the Trust and staff at Peel Forest Outdoors Pursuit Centre have continued to develop the Eco-based accommodation that can be used alongside the outdoor centre programmes.

We believe that we can reduce the impact that we have on our planet by making responsible choices in our lifestyle. We promote a variety of ecologically friendly accommodation options, which aim to use a variety of benign technologies to lessen the effect that we have on Earth. These technologies include using recycled and locally sourced buildings and materials, using sycamore (a local pest plant) to provide air and water heating via a wetback in the Eco Lodge, using composting toilets in our Eco-cabins, processing our grey water through a reed bed, and harnessing the suns solar power to generate electricity and hot water. The EcoLodge is a working example of alternative building and waste technologies. “A unique experience in Australasia”

After 25 years of providing accommodation to schools, community groups and the public, the lodge is in need of a upgrade. The focus areas of the Lodge renovation are :

1.Water Supply Upgrade:
With more erratic weather systems our historic water supply has been become unusable. We are looking to install a rainwater harvesting system with upgraded storage capacity and filtration systems.
Estimated: $6,000

2.Kitchen Facility Upgrade
The Eco Lodge kitchen was originally intended for a small group of students living on site for conservation courses. With an increase in school groups and larger numbers we are needing to adapt our kitchen to suit. This would include a gas oven, large low energy refrigeration unit and upgraded wetback system.
Estimated: $10,000

3.Alternative Energy Backup:
A generator with auto starting capacity to allow future protection of our battery bank by avoiding battery storage being run too low.
Estimated: $6,000

We are truly grateful for any donation toward the upgrades & will be updating the page along with our social media on the work as it happens. For volunteering towards the labour on the upgrades please contact us for details.

Thank you again