Peel Forest Outdoor Centre believes that we can reduce the impact that we have on our planet by making responsible choices in our lifestyle. We promote a variety of ecologically friendly accommodation options, which aim to use a variety of benign technologies to lessen the effect that we have on Earth. These technologies include

  • Using recycled buildings and materials
  • Utilizing locally sourced materials to reduce transport emissions
  • Making the most of sustainable materials – the sycamore paneling in the EcoLodge is from a local pest plant, which is also burnt to provide air and water heating in the EcoLodge
  • Composting toilets that significantly reduce the amount of water that we use in our Eco-cabins
  • Processing our grey water through a reed bed
  • Harnessing the suns solar power to generate electricity and hot water

We invite you to join us in experiencing the benefits that our choices can have on our planet.

We are members Sustainable Business Network

You may also be intrested in Project Lite Foot: This website has eco ambassadors showing their goals and progress to reducing their carbon footprint.


Outdoor Activities

Live the challenge, discover new strengths, take time out. Outdoor activities that stimulate and open the door on the natural environment MORE...


The more you know, the more you will see and enjoy. Expand your horizon, engage and immerse in our unique natural environment  MORE...

Our Accommodation

On a 20-hectare area of native forest, the EcoLodge is a working example of alternative building and waste technologies... MORE...

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